Saturday, September 26, 2009

10 Minutes of Writing Significantly Increases Productivity

I've been trying to sneak in an extra ten minutes of writing every day...and am very pleased with my results. Even with a measly little ten minutes out of my day, I have the possibility to start preparing the bones of an article or essay, add a scene to my screenplay, prepare a revised version of a rough draft of an article, or even just write a cover letter for a WIP.

The one downside that I've encountered in this endeavor is that I have to give up doing something else in order to have those additional ten minutes for writing. This means that I've missed out on participating in the giveaway on the WM blog for a couple days, have not done much tweeting in the last few days, and have had limited FB time.

While I know that tweeting less and giving up FB for awhile could actually be really helpful in increasing my productivity, I really enjoy participating in the WM back to school giveaway and hate to give it up. (Not to mention, that I've learned A LOT through participating, and have stumbled across some awesome blogs that I'm now following.)


I've decided that it's as simple as this: Get up 10 minutes earlier.

Backup plan (in case I hit the snooze button): Give up Facebook that day.

Problem Solved....Ta Da!!!

Have I mentioned that I am NOT a morning person? But even I know that getting up 10 minutes earlier than usual won't kill me. And knowing that it will significantly increase the amount of work I finish each day provides me with the motivation that I think I'll need to roll out of bed.

That sounds reasonable, don't ya think? I'm going to start on Monday, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Best of luck in achieving your writing goals for the week!


NP said...

I like your plan! Maybe FB can be a bit of an incentive to get up, as well. Good luck!

Chantal said...

Whew. I am not a morning person either. But that's a great idea.