Sunday, September 20, 2009

A 10-Minute Daily Dose of Writing

After choosing the title for yesterday's post, I thought about how much time I actually spend NOT-WRITING...even when I am sitting at my desk during periods of scheduled "writing time."

Then I read this article, which got me thinking...

I realize that much of my work time is spent handling the various aspects of my job as a freelance writer (including: market research, networking, and administrative aspects, to name a few), with very little time left over for writing.

So what would happen if I set aside just a little more time (even if only 10 min) for actual writing each day?

Just guessing here, but I would almost bet that my daily word count would shoot through the roof.

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to add an extra ten minutes to my scheduled writing time, and make sure that I actually write during those ten minutes...and just see what happens.


NP said...

Good luck! I'm looking forward to hearing how it works out for you!

Virginia said...

I enjoyed that article - and I'm with you! Just 10 minutes more each day to actually WRITE could make a big difference in my daily word count. (Um, do I have a daily word count? I'd better check....)

Mary Jo said...

Oh, boy, does this ring true for me - as I sit surfing and commenting on blogs : )
We have a similar mind-set you and I, according to your posts. We talk a lot about writing, how we need to write more, how we really ARE writers, after all.

Just do the bloody writing now!

I like your idea of adding the extra 10 minutes. My problem would be : would I disconnect my internet link so I would actually write?
Looking forward to hearing your results ! : )
Mary Jo @writerinspired