Friday, December 5, 2008

Writer Mama Scholarship

Over at Christina Katz's website, she has a great blog that you should definitely check out. Christina is the Writer Mama who has inspired many women, including myself, to venture out on a writing career. 

 In addition to her awesome book, Writer Mama, Christina has recently written another book entitled Get Known Before the Book Deal.  Her books serve as wonderful tools for any writer mama who is working towards publication.  

Also, she offers several online writing classes that can be conveniently worked into the busy schedule of mom writers. She offers a quarterly scholarship for her class Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff.  If interested, pay a visit to her blog: The Writer Mama Riffs 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Becoming A Writer Mama

I made the decision months ago to start this blog and to keep it updated.  Well, it is painfully obvious that I have not stuck to my plan of daily or even weekly blogging. 

For weeks now, I have had the constant feeling that I am running without ever reaching the finish line. I seem to constantly fall short in at least one important aspect of my life - either my children, husband, house, or writing get neglected. If I actually get any writing done, then my house looks terrible. Or if I spend adequate time doing housework, making nutritious and tasty meals, and playing with my children, then no writing gets done.  

Hence, the frustration and disappointment in myself as a writer mama.  I've started asking myself: is it really possible to be successful as a wife, mom, and writer? 

While a loud, resounding "no!" definitely feels like the answer to that question, I know it's not true. I think that, like all things of importance, something worth doing takes effort.  Sometimes it's hard to be a good mom - smiling while changing the tenth diaper of the day can take a little effort sometimes.  So can getting up an hour early to get some writing in while the kids are asleep.  

But just because something takes effort doesn't mean it's not worth it, right? 

Now I definitely know the answer to that question.  My children are the greatest blessing and bring so much happiness to my life, even with all the work that goes into raising them...and I would not give up my job of being their mother for anything the world could offer. 

I love being a mom.  And I love being a writer.  So maybe I fall short of my goals sometimes. 

So what?  

As long as I keep working away, I'm making progress, right?  That's what is important.  Every day I am learning to be a better mom, and most days I am learning to be a better writer. If nothing else, acknowledging this has been a big step for me in my journey as a writer mama, because now I know that as long as I continue to do my best, I am succeeding...slowly but surely.