Friday, October 10, 2008

Coping With Loss

So I have already failed miserably at keeping my blog updated.  Thank goodness I started with the plan of taking baby steps forward!  I mean, can you imagine if I had planned on taking any giant leaps toward a writing career?!  

In my defense, a close family friend just passed away this week, and it's taken a big toll on everybody.  My kids are too young to know what's going on, but my eighteen month old son burst into tears the second my brother (who was obviously heartbroken) walked in the door.  He hardly ever cries so it was obvious he knew that something was wrong.  Besides my being devastated at the loss of my friend, I also feel horrible that my baby boy - who does not understand what is happening - is obviously aware of our pain.  I have just been trying to be extra cheerful for him with lots of smiles and extra hugs.  

Now comes the big question: do I take him to the funeral?  I know the family could really use my support at this time, but will it be too traumatic for my little guy?  My husband and I have not had a chance to discuss this yet so we'll see what happens after we think this through.  Any thoughts on this?  I'd love to hear them.

Well, there's my spiel on parenting.  In regard to writing, I must shamefacedly admit that I have not been productive at all this week.  I was on such a roll, too!  I had hoped that the emotional high I experienced after calling the editor of my local (monthly) paper would carry through to this week.  Although, I think that experiencing the loss of a friend is as legitimate an excuse as any. It really has been a tough week.  Oh well, I am determined to have a very productive weekend. 

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